A bowhunter may have taken the largest black bear ever measured in the state of Georgia. The Department of Natural Resources has confirmed that Tim Watson of Dillard took a 673-pound bruin on Saturday, but while the weight alone makes it a massive animal, its skull measurements are still pending.

“Bear state records are determined by skull measurements, much like deer records are determined by antler measurements, so we encourage Tim to get this bear measured,” the DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division said.

Tammy Hubbard English posted a photo of this bear on Facebook Sunday. According to her, it was killed in a residential backyard in Mountain City, five and a half miles south of the North Carolina line in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. Not much else is known about the hunt at this time, but it’s exciting to see a potential record in the works.


Tim Watson with his unofficial record. (Photo: Chelsea Coley)


Can barely fit in the truck. (Photo: Chelsea Coley)


Not sure what’s more impressive: the length of the hair or the claws. (Photo: Chelsea Coley)