It’s quite appropriate that Dieter and Betty Krieghoff enter the Trapshooting Hall of Fame as a team. Not only is Krieghoff International a major player in trapshooting, but both Betty and Dieter are accomplished shooters in their own right. The two were inducted into the hall of fame August 8.

“I met my wife over trapshooting, a good number of years ago,” Dieter said. “Having met over trapshooting and being in the business together, that has to do with trapshooting, we like common things. We like to shoot together. It’s working for us.”

That is an understatement. Krieghoff has become one of the most common brand names visible at trapshooting events like The Grand American.

“I think two things: No. 1 is personal satisfaction,” Dieter said. “I’ve been directly personally involved for thirty-five years here to bring the Krieghoff brand to where it is today. I don’t think there is a squad at the Grand American where there is not one of our firearms represented. Often there are quite a few in the rack.

“To me, and to my wife, we identify with this. We feel like we have almost done it (won an event) ourselves. We love it when our shooters do well with that.”

Enshrinement in the National Trapshooting Hall of Fame seemed unlikely for Dieter a few decades ago.

“About thirty-five years ago I came here,” said Dieter, a native German. “Initially, I didn’t think I’d stay. I came here to learn the language and learn the flavors of American target shooting. In trapshooting, the three flavors—singles, doubles and handicap—are unique.

“I studied the game and reported back. We made updates to our product line that are particularly suited to the American style of shooting. Things got busy in a hurry. I decided I better not leave unfinished business.”

In the meantime he met Betty Newman, an accomplished shooter herself.  Together they built the Krieghoff business and have enthusiastically supported the shooting sports. Krieghoff funds scholarships for shooters and is an event sponsor at the Grand American.

“All of the things we have done that count in the consideration, we have the same idea as supporting shooters, the Hall of Fame,” Dieter said. “We make decisions together, and we agree together.”


Congratulations to Betty and Dieter on their induction from all of us here at  Sporting Classics.