Back to the future. What’s old is new again. Midst a flood of long-range shooting machines, Kimber had the foresight to build their bolt-action, 4-pound, 13-ounce Adirondack hunting rifle. Emphasis on “hunting.”

Yes, you can launch missiles into whitetail hearts at 600 yards. But what if you’d rather go hunting?



What if, like Dan Boone and Ted Roosevelt and the men returning from Europe in 1945, you want to walk the woods, find the tracks, spot the deer, and shoot it? No bipods, no anemometers, no advanced calculus. You want a rugged, durable rifle you can point quickly, carry for miles, and depend on to drop a buck with a dead-on hold—and without giving you a black eye. Kimber’s Adirondack is that rifle. Stainless. Carbon-fiber synthetic. Compact. Short action. Whitetail medicine.

— Ron Spomer


Sporting Classics’ Ron Spomer presents Kimber’s Rachel VandeVoort and Allen Remley with the 2017 Rifle of the Year award.





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