Sporting Classics’ new July/August 2017 issue is on its way to subscribers. This exciting new issue is mailing now and will appear on newsstands July 3.

The new issue contains 224 pages of exotic hunting and fishing, as well as American pursuits for black bear, white-tailed deer, and more. Read along as adventurers fly fish in Scotland, shoot seven species of waterfowl on opening morning, take a multi-species bag in Alaska, bowhunt monster elk, and pursue giant whitetails. It’s all here in the pages of Sporting Classics!

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Features in this new issue include:


The Most Dangerous Game

The general invented a new animal to hunt.

By Richard Connell


Teaching the Bear to Read

Sonny Liston had another side that nobody knew about.

By Jameson Parker


Our All-American Bear

Black bears provide memorable hunts in many states.

By John Ross


Beyond Braveheart

Fly fishing in Scotland’s classic streams.

By Sarah Harrison Grigg


Elk Camp

The challenge is great, the reward even greater for the bowhunter who outwits a big bull.

By Denver Bryan


The Magnificent Seven

It’s the Holy Grail when two buddies bag seven species of ducks in a single day.

By Dave Books


California Dreamin’ on Such a Winter’s Day

V1 Ranch is the stuff of dreams.

By Stuart Williams


All That Alaska Allows

You can do it all on Alaska’s rivers as long as you’ve got the right outfitter and guides.

By Ron Spomer


Return to the King of the North

There is a certain magic and mystery to Sanctuary that lures its hunters back season after season.

By Ryan Stalvey


To the Top

The biggest muley bucks hang out in the high country, and the only way to reach them is on foot.

By Aaron Layman


Columns by: Mike Gaddis, Robert Matthews, Ron Spomer, Roger Pinckney, Todd Wilkinson, Doug Painter, Michael Altizer, Jameson Parker, Todd Tanner, Dwight Van Brunt, Laurie Bogart Wiles, and Tom Keer.