Sporting Classics is proud to be giving away a one-of-a-kind knife from cutlery great Jerry Fisk. All you have to do to win is subscribe, either to Sporting Classics or the Daily—not a bad deal for a knife valued at $3,800 and crafted from the Statue of Liberty’s hand railing!

The knife’s steel is straight from the monument’s torch. The original torch was replaced in 1986 with the current 24-karat one. As it is now closed to tourists, the knife is even more historic and valuable.

Fisk created the knife after receiving the precious metal from an unlikely source.

Jesse James makes firearms, motorcycles, that kind of thing. I taught him to make Damascus a couple years ago, and we’ve struck up a friendship since then,” Fisk said. “Occasionally he and I have swapped materials. Being known in more circles than I am, he can get stuff I can’t sometimes.”

The knife took Fisk one month of full-time work. It is his own special style of Damascus—”Dog Star.”

“In the constellation Orion the Hunter, the Dog Star is the main star. I just thought, That’s a hunting knife! It’s a perfect name.

The rest of the knife is as unique as the Damascus. Fisk developed the Sendero style of knives for their ability to cut equally well cutting-edge-up and cutting-edge-down, a trait that makes it indispensable in the hunting woods.

“That’s why the handle design is like it is. It’s probably the best overall field knife that you’re going to get.”

Fisk said there are more heavy-duty knives available, but this style is the most comfortable to use.

And you can use it . . . if you want to. Fisk made sure of that by busting pine knots, cutting leather and cardboard, and doing other tasks to put it through the paces. Combine its performance with a number of other subtle features, including an exquisite stag handle, and this knife becomes the perfect blend of beauty and utility.

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