You won’t believe your eyes when you see the latest issue of Sporting Classics!  This new issue features some of the most beloved hunting and fishing stories ever written, fine shotguns from the Robert M. Lee collection, an introspective look at hunting and spirituality by Robert Ruark, and much, much more.

But what you’ll probably flip to first in this issue is page 118, the feature attached to its eye-catching cover art. “The Vanishing” is the story—stories—of the various hunter-gatherer tribes that have made safaris possible throughout the ages. Notable hunters like Robert Ruark, Ernest Hemingway, Frederick Selous, and others would never have been able to pursue the biggest of big game without help from natives who knew the land and animals.

As these tribes continue to disappear before the onslaught of civilization, their legacy may only live on in the photographs and stories of the past—and in this noteworthy issue of Sporting Classics.


Features in this new issue include:


The First Time I Saw God

Deep in the African hills, the wild animals fear no man—not even the visiting columnist.

By Robert Ruark


The Guinea Worm

Pursuit of the tiny African parasite had fallen to his drinking buddies.

By Robert F. Jones


Gambling for Gambel’s

The author enjoys an action-packed day of gunning the little desert birds.

By Jack O’Connor


After the Auerhahn

The charm and difficulty of stalking Europe’s shyest and rarest gamebird.

By William J. Long


The Vanishing

A photographic journey into the lands of the uncharted and their peoples.

By Jimmy Nelson


A Place Out of Time

Iceland’s spectacular brown trout fishery is only now on the brink of discovery.

By Zach Matthews


The Art of the Shotgun

Superbly engraved shotguns from the collection of Robert M. Lee.

By Robert M. Lee & R.L. Wilson


Southern Cross

High above the mythic rivers of Patagonia rests the author’s most treasured memories.

By Michael Altizer


Wild is the Hunter

The true hunter becomes one with the natural world.

By Michael Luders


Bobwhites & Southern Politics

The author regains his shooting eye while enjoying a bird hunt.

By Robert Matthews


The Heart of a Lion

The African lion speaks to the heart and soul of acclaimed artist John Banovich.

By David Cabela


Kayaks in the High Country

The author returns to Chama to create a new family tradition.

By Carly Hylen


Africa: A Place to Test Equipment . . . and Assumptions

Testing new offerings from T/C Arms and Leupold on the Dark Continent.

By Darren LaSorte


A Rightful Obsession

Preparation, even a lifetime of it, matters little in the wilds of sheep country.

By Dwight Van Brunt



If Paul Cezanne had been a wildlife artist, he would’ve painted Africa like Margaret Gradwell.

By Todd Wilkinson


Roaring Stags & Rising Trout

Pick your passion at Poronui on New Zealand’s beautiful North Island.

By Doug Painter


Columns by Mike Gaddis, Roger Pinckney, Gayne C. Young, John Seerey-Lester, Laurie Bogart Wiles, Tom Keer, Todd Wilkinson, Michael Altizer, Robert Matthews, Ron Spomer, and Taylor J. Pardue.


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Cover: Huli tribesman from the book "Before They Pass Away" by Jimmy Nelson, available at