INTELCASE Company, the exclusive distributor of Negrini luxury gun cases, announces the new ultra-protective 3105LXX Shooting Sports Eyewear case for travel.

The target-shooting world is filled with high-quality, expensive shooting glasses but falls short when it comes to a protective case. Negrini’s 3105LXX/5584 Shooting Sports Eyewear Case was created specifically to fill that void. Designed using Negrini’s patented double-wall ABS technology, the sturdy eyewear case has a specially upholstered interior with a custom-formed inlays, providing storage sections for individual lenses or uni-lense optics. The new Shooting Sports Eyewear case is fully upholstered with eyewear-industry-approved micro-fiber velvet for ultra-protection for lenses and a luxury look and feel. The exterior is trimmed with best Italian leather and the case is 100 percent made in Italy. Utilizing steel hinges and latch closure, the new case provides the ultimate protection for any use, including air travel.

The new 3105LXX Shooting Sports Eyewear case starts at $79 and is available now. Models in full leather are also available. For more information on the 3105LXX Shooting Sports Eyewear case, go to or call 833-NEGRINI.