Regardless whether the times they are a’changing or someone’s changing the times, manufacturers must keep pace or fade away.

Sauer, a premier German gunmaker famous for high-end, traditional bolt actions, classic double rifles, and sidelock shotguns, also understands today’s market for inexpensive, knock-about hunting rifles. How else do you explain the “entry-level” Sauer 100?

Let’s see . . .

Black polymer stock. Check.

Black polymer, detachable box magazine. Check.

Full-diameter bolt body with three-lug bolt head and 60-degree bolt lift. Check.

Blued forged-steel receiver and 22-inch, cold-hammer-forged barrel. Check.

Receiver contoured to fit Remington M700-sized scope bases. Check. (I used Talley’s precision, 2.8-ounce, one-piece rings.) Such are the standard features on today’s inexpensive bolt-action “starter” rifles. But at Sauer, that’s just the tip of the old iceberg . . .


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