Earlier this week Sporting Classics’ Doug Painter and I traveled to North Carolina for a special time of hunting and camaraderie with NASCAR legend Richard Childress and his grandsons, Ty and Austin Dillon. We shared time with the three hunters in the duck blind and the pheasant fields, Doug handling the writing and I the photography.

Having grown up a couple counties over from Richard Childress Racing and the famed Childress Vineyards, I’ve always known of Richard, but it was quite the opportunity to meet him in person and talk of home and hunting. From his earliest days hunting squirrels with his step-dad to his taking of a Marco Polo sheep, Richard has seemingly gone everywhere and done everything.

His grandsons, too; Austin and Ty have accompanied their grandfather all across the globe, taking mountain goats, elk, and the like before their peers were even driving cars.

It would have been borderline sacrilegious not to have talked NASCAR and racing. Doug and I were taken on a guided tour of the Richard Childress Racing Museum, seeing the numerous cars that have been to victory lane during Richard’s racing and ownership days. Included in the museum is part of his extensive hunting trophy collection, with everything from bears to elk to deer—so many deer.



Part of Richard Childress’s trophy collection, housed at the Richard Childress Racing Museum.

Richard is a tireless supporter of the NRA and various conservation organizations. Each is well represented in his museum, but his philanthropy goes far beyond mere recognition of the groups. He spends countless hours speaking at events, serving on boards, and donating to their endeavors. A fan of Theodore Roosevelt, Richard is the modern-day equivalent of that renowned hunter-conservationist.

I say this without hesitation: this is one of the most interesting interviews Sporting Classics has ever conducted, and you don’t want to miss it. Be sure to look for it in the print magazine in 2017. Not already a subscriber? Sign up today to receive this story and other great sporting content delivered straight to your door.


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