Three Newark, Ohio, teens are bringing good press to the outdoors with their recent save of a deer stranded on a frozen river. The three boys—Alex Lupton, Fischer Nance, and Games Claggett—were out hunting December 28, 2017, when they came across the deer. One of the hunters edged out and lifted it like a sack of potatoes, bringing it safely to shore. It then ran off unharmed.

“We all love the outdoors; that’s our passion. We feel like we need to give back,” Lupton, who videoed the rescue, told Channel 10 News. “A lot of hunters get bad names, and (people say) ‘You’re just killing them to kill them.’ As a hunter, you are supposed to be ethical and to kill them as painless and quick as possible. If we would have left him there, he could have been suffering for hours.”

The video has since been picked up by local and national media outlets and viewed tens of thousands of times.