In an effort to promote handgun security, Hornady is offering free ammo when shooters purchase a pistol safe. For a limited time, purchase an RFID-enabled RAPiD Safe and receive a free box of Critical Defense ammunition, part of Hornady’s “Safe & Secure Free Ammo Offer.”

Hornady Security RAPiD Safes feature patent-pending RFID technology, tech that Hornady says provides the fastest access to your handguns. Simply place the RFID wristband, key fob, or adhesive decal over the reader, and the safe springs open to present your firearm. Combine it with Hornady’s popular and effective handgun ammo and safety is all but ensured.

The giveaway runs from August 15, 2016, through January 15, 2017. Participants must be 21 years old to accept shipped ammunition. Visit Hornady’s website for the program’s complete rules and regulations.

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