Letter to Home

Legendary artist Bob Timberlake shares his past and his plans for the future in this new book.

Casting for an Answer

“Most guys breathe a sigh of relief when they get the second date. I start thinking about how it’ll impact my fishing plans.”

First Time’s the Charm

Sporting Classics’ newest staff member takes her first deer with a Jarrett Rifle—and Kenny Jarrett himself.


That’s what you’re really buying when you get a new gundog: the license to dream.

A Goose for Harley

“Hunting and shooting Canada geese is fun, but watching a very fine dog ‘put the finishing touches’ on our downed geese was just plain joyful.”

Even More Than Meets the Eye

The story behind the beautiful Westley Richards “India” and “Africa” sidelock doubles that graced our recent Guns & Hunting issue.

The Appraiser

A stare-down between wolf and sheep, captured by an artist’s brush.

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