By the Numbers

A tally of the game Theodore and Kermit Roosevelt took on their historic safari.

Trust Your Dog

Give a pointer the benefit of the doubt when he or she makes a stand. You’ll usually be glad you did!

Summer Doldrums

Nothing to do this summer? Get out and about to prepare for your next hunting adventure.

Pig Medicine

Turning a .300 H&H Magnum on Texas’s feral hogs.

Belly of the Beast

Hunting elephants in cover so thick they can only be located by the rumbling of their stomachs.

Bluebill Day

What if you had a 15-bird limit but only 22 shells. Could you get the job done?

Watch: Tendoys

A veteran arrows a high-country sheep while participating in an unusual conservation program.

Mick Doellinger

Mick Doellinger’s climb as a wildlife sculptor has been based on pure Outback adventure.

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