Live-fire drills are becoming more and more common at shooting facilities. You can now walk through a forest and shoot a charging “elephant,” “bear,” “lion,” etc., all while shooting the same firearm you’ll be taking on the actual hunt. There’s also been a similar move toward video training, with a projector displaying running boar, deer, and more on a wall for you to shoot a laser-loaded firearm at as they pass.

Holland & Holland has decided to combine those two technologies in their new “Schiesskino,” a shooting cinema where shooters can fire live rounds at a projection—the best of both worlds.

The cinema will allow shooters to fire rifles up to .50 caliber into the walls, with no need for low-powered ammunition or lasers of any kind. Wild boar and other charging animals will be displayed on the screen; each time the shooter hits the target, the animal will freeze for three seconds and a display will show where the round hit. Then the animal’s image begins running again and the drill continues.

The training aid is the newest addition to Holland & Holland’s Shooting Grounds in the UK, located just a few kilometers outside central London. Holland & Holland has been operating a Shooting Grounds facility since 1880, with the current location coming online in 1932. It allows well-heeled sportsmen and women to shoot clays and rifle targets, have a gun custom-fitted to their specifications, and check out the latest and greatest in H&H firearms.

Those interested in the shooting cinema can email or call 01923-825349.




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