Since its founding in 1997, Henry Repeating Arms has stood for quality and reliability while providing award-winning customer service on a personalized level that sets the brand apart from the competition. Throughout its history, Henry Repeating Arms has had a steadfast and unwavering commitment to keeping its manufacturing operations in the United States and providing its customers with firearms that are “Made in America or not made at all,” while backing their products with an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

“Over the past two decades, I’ve come to realize that it’s our customers that make Henry the brand it is today,” said Anthony Imperato, president and owner of Henry Repeating Arms. “Henry is a brand that represents many different things for customers from all walks of life. It’s their stories, their passion for Henry and shooting sports that continue to push us to be the best possible firearms manufacturer we can be.”

In a testament to the quality and popularity of Henry’s rifles and shotguns, the company announced that its Classic Lever Action .22, Model H001, rolled past serial number 1,000,000 earlier this year.

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