Gunwerks is announcing the release of its latest ballistic rangefinder, the G7 branded BR2500. The newly updated BR2500 carries a major upgrade in laser rangefinding capabilities, extending the effective range of the BR2500 to more than 2,500 yards dependent on conditions.

The BR2500 also features the best available laser beam divergence, set at .75 MRAD and optimized for hunting conditions with advanced signal processing tuned for ranging animals instead of highly reflective objects like steel. As with previous models, the BR2500 features five on-device programmable ballistic profiles, sensors for range, pressure, temperature, and incline, and provides outputs for wind compensation.

The BR2500 provides the user with a complete ballistic solution, providing both angle-compensated and shoot-to range solutions for both MOA and BDC turrets and reticles.

“This is our most advanced ballistic rangefinder yet,” noted Aaron Davidson, Gunwerks’ founder and CEO. “We came out with the BR2 six years ago, and this is the natural progression of ranging and ballistic technology. With the BR2500, we’re meeting or exceeding ranging capabilities previously available only in advanced military technology, while still retaining the Class 1 eye-safe designation with our laser.”

The G7 BR2500 is available immediately via Gunwerks direct and in coming weeks through Gunwerks’ network of dealers at a street price of $1,599. The great news is you can also win one thanks to this free giveaway from Gunwerks—only eight days left to enter!

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