Bigger isn’t always better, but for the times when it is, reach for the HAMR. Chambered in .375 Cheytac, the new Gunwerks HAMR is the next step in the evolution of extreme long-range shooting. The HAMR launches a 377-grain projectile with an incredible .950 G1 ballistic coefficient at nearly 3,000 fps. With these phenomenal ballistics, the HAMR boasts a capable range of more than two miles.
The HAMR is a special-edition, single-run rifle developed to make some of the longest shots imaginable. This means once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. The standard rifle comes topped with a Nightforce ATACR F1 7-35×56 scope, Elite Iron bipod, fully adjustable, tactical folding chassis, and aggressive muzzle brake to dramatically tame recoil. As a result, this rifle is surprisingly enjoyable to shoot.
As with all Gunwerks rifles, the HAMR comes ready to go right out of the box. Check out the video below to see the the HAMR in action, and visit for more information.