It’s that time of the year again. Hunters are heading into the woods in pursuit of big, small, and winged game, and it’s also the season when we publish our special Guns & Hunting issue. Dedicated to everything that makes outdoorsmen and women look forward to these months each year, it contains the sort of hunting and firearm stories we’re known around the world for, complete with one of the rarest firearms in existence.

We’re talking about one of Jack O’Connor’s bear rifles, a gun steeped in history. A Model 70 serial numbered 25235, it was originally chambered in .30-06 but was rechambered for .338 Win. Mag. by Al Biesen in the 1960s. In this exciting Alaskan bear hunt, writer Tony Caligiuri takes the rifle north to do what O’Connor couldn’t.

Along with that real-life tale is a fantastical one of hunting for dinosaurs with rifles chambered in .600 Nitro Express and .375 H&H Magnum. A time machine allows guides and outfitters to travel back to Missouri during the Cretaceous Period, pitting hunters against truly big game after circumstances end sport hunting in the modern era. Twisted into the fabric of time and space is a story as old as humanity itself, with murder, envy, and bloodlust threatening to do more harm than any terrible lizard ever could.

There are bobwhite quail, deadly leopards, ducks and grouse, red stags, and much more in this end-all, be-all hunting issue. This gem is mailing to subscribers now and will be available on newsstands October 3. Don’t want to wait? Download our app and purchase the new issue today!


Included in this new issue:

A Gun for Dinosaur

The biggest of big game hunting, but you better have the proper gun.

By L. Sprague de Camp


A Gun for Gentleman Bob

After years of trial-and-error shooting, he finally found the perfect shotgun.

By Richard S. Grozik


Bold by Day, Deadly by Night

Dealing with a leopard can be dicey; just be sure you do it before darkness falls.

By Blayney Percival


A Purpose Fulfilled

Jack O’Connor’s bear rifle goes on one last hunt.

By Tony Caligiuri


Among the Grouse

There is a special magic to be found in hunting this majestic bird.

By Ron Ellis


Singing the Ancient Song

Red stags and men continue to coexist on this storied island, just as nature intended.

By Ron Spomer


De Duckinest Family

With apologies to Mr. Buckingham.

By Doug Painter


In the Penumbra

A poem by Robert Parvin Williams


Quail of the Wild Rose Desert

On this South Texas ranch he would enjoy the best wild quail hunting.

By Robert Matthews


Guns & Loaders

Three magical days in August when blessed sports visit the moors and shoot like kings.

By Chris Dorsey & Scott Wicking


Columns by Mike Gaddis, Robert Matthews, Michael Altizer, John Seerey-Lester, Tom Keer, Razor Dobbs, Ron Spomer, Roger Pinckney, and Rick Leonardi.