Of the eight great issues Sporting Classics produces each year, one of the most exciting is the annual Guns & Hunting issue each October. This special issue falls in the prime time of each hunting season, giving you something to read and dream about when night falls at the hunt camp or when the action slows in the box stand. Enjoy 220 pages of the greatest sporting content in the world, literally anywhere in the world!

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Included in this new issue:


A Rush of Black

Papa was sure he had hit the huge buff . . . He hoped.

By Ernest Hemingway


Gang-Bustin’ Game Warden

Ernie Swift battled everybody from hillbillies to Chicago gunmen.

By Ken Smith & John Keats


Taco Hell

Mexico’s chief export is marijuana; the national pastime is drunk driving. What could possibly go wrong?

By Duncan Grant



He taught me more than just how to kill an elk or carry its meat and antlers out of the mountains.

By Rick Bass


Down & Dirty in the Desert

Arizona’s public lands are calling you. Be forewarned, it’s not a walk in the park.

By Denver Bryan


Angler, Hunter, Artist

The sporting art of Lynn Bogue Hunt.

By Tom Davis


Going Stag in Gaucho Land

The most intense four days of red stag roaring they’d ever enjoyed.

By Ron Spomer


A Bear for the Ages

“George is with us in spirit, and I have a feeling that everything is going to work out.”

By Dwight Van Brunt


Cheyenne Autumn

High-flying roosters, superb meals and accommodations await sportsmen at this premier hunting destination.


The Twenty-One

How a classic shotgun became a monument to a life well lived.

By Chris Madson


Where the Southwind Blows

A Southern paradise awaits the sportsman at Southwind Plantation.

By Tom Keer


Columns by Mike Gaddis, Robert Matthews, Jameson Parker, Susan L. Ebert, Roger Pinckney, Tom Keer, Ron Stepp, Michael Altizer, Dwight Van Brunt, Ron Spomer, Bob McKinney, Tom Davis, and Jim Casada.






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