Skip the fruitcake this year and give someone the gift that keeps on giving. Classic Carmichel features nearly 400 pages of hunting adventures and firearms expertise by Jim Carmichel, widely acknowledged as one of the foremost experts on sporting arms.

Carmichel hunted around the world during his 40 years as shooting editor of Outdoor Life, but none of his amazing adventures ever made it into book form—until now. His exploits and prowess had no equal during what is arguably the Golden Age of international hunting and shooting.



These are not just stories by a well-traveled adventurer—they are pure literature, written with a style and eloquence that deserves inclusion in any collection of great outdoor books and writers.

The big 9×10½-inch book also features more than a hundred never-before-published photographs.

This special title normally retails for $50 but is now on sale for only $24.95. If there’s a hunter or shooter in your life, this is the book to give them this Christmas!