A year ago, I had the good fortune to head to Cuba with Picabo Angler. With recent political actions slowly opening the country up, I needed to get there before too many Americans were invading the shores.

We flew from Miami to Havana and took in the city for three days. From there we headed to Jardines de la Reina to live on a boat for six more. I can’t say enough about the fishing—imagine an archipelago the size of the Florida Keys untouched by people. Cuba only allows so many tourists to the area, and it is considered one of its most prized national parks.

We caught bones until our arms were tired. We landed tarpon by the dozens; some shots at permit were even had. For a February in this hemisphere, fishing was fantastic.


Editor’s note: Attached are some of the author’s journal pages from his recent adventure. Click on the gallery below to view a pop-up version of each page, then click the arrows in the bottom left-hand corner to navigate the images. The viewing option will make Anderson’s artwork and handwriting come to life!


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