Sporting Classics’ newest staff member has been looking forward to her first hunting experience for quite some time, so when Lindsay Sellers was recently invited to take her first hunt at Cowden Plantation, those in the know told her a better first-hunt opportunity would likely never come. Cowden Plantation is 10,000 acres of game-rich habitat located along the Savannah River in Jackson, South Carolina. It also happens to be owned by Kenny Jarrett, the creator of the legendary Jarrett Rifle.

Lindsay’s day started off with a tour of Kenny’s expansive trophy room, boasting mounts from the hunts that have taken him to 39 different countries. After an explanation of the subtle differences in mountain sheep, Kenny gave Lindsay a tour of the workshop where the Jarrett Rifle—and its legend—have been built for the last 38 years.

It was clear Lindsay was more interested in shooting than tinkering, so the brief shop tour ended with a trip to the range, where Lindsay’s first firearms experience started with her shooting a 1½-inch three-shot group at 100 yards with a .220 Swift. Around here we call that hunt-ready.

Of course, Lindsay needed an experienced guide for her first hunt, so Kenny volunteered to show her the ropes. After quiet conversations about life, family, and God, the moment finally came when Kenny whispered, “Lindsay, we have a customer!”

As any good guide would, Kenny calmly directed Lindsay to wait for the perfect shot. While looking through the glass on the first full custom Jarrett Rifle ever made, Lindsay let fly a round from Kenny’s .300 Jarrett that would connect 200 yards later with her first deer, a Cowden spike. After a messy ritual at the skinning shed, Lindsay’s hunt was over—and the fire was lit.


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