It’s no small miracle that this Florida duck hunter didn’t die on his last outing. Krit Krutchaiyan was hunting with a friend on the day before Thanksgiving when he felt something hit him in the leg. An alligator had bitten him on the thigh, and if it hadn’t been for the fight in his fight-or-flight response, he probably would have been attacked again.

“The alligator came out from under the water, grabbed my leg,” Krutchaiyan said. “I remember putting my hand down. I don’t know if I hit him with the paddle or with my fists, but he let go.”

Krutchaiyan’s friend then pushed a kayak between the gator and its intended victim, preventing any further attacks.

Two off-duty firefighters were in the area and applied a tourniquet to Krutchaiyan’s leg. He was later airlifted to a hospital.


(Photo: Mile High Traveler/iStock)


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