“Yes! Did you get that?”

“Get what?”  I asked

“That deer.”

“What deer?”

“The one in the net.”

“Where?” I say, lifting my head.

“Put your head down. The deer can’t see you.”

“But if the deer can’t see me, I can’t see them.”

Shh, coming in hot on our right.”

(Sound of net snapping to my right)

“Oh, he’s in good. You got that, right?”

“Got what?”

“That deer tangled in the net on our right.”

“Really?” I rise to my knees.

“Stop moving. Stay down. Here comes another one.”


This is how a dark, winter day in the desert goes. The odds of pulling off this story are steep, but I never back down from a challenge. Not even the impossible challenge of filming a deer capture without a tripod, without standing, and, for most of the time, without looking. There’s a chopper overhead, wildlife running everywhere, and snow on my lens, but there’s a story here, and we’re tackling deer to find it. Each animal leaves the net wearing a collar. That collar helps determine how hunting seasons are set. Watch the wild wrangle here.


Kris Millgate is an outdoor journalist based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. See more of her work at tightlinemedia.com .