Visitors to the Alamo over the Fourth of July weekend got a lesson in what not to do with a white-tailed deer. A Bexar County game warden was called by the site’s security officers when a woman showed up with a fawn on a leash, walking it like a pet around the Shrine. When asked why she was doing so, she told the officials she was trying to take family photos for the Fourth.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the game warden tried to explain the state’s law against its citizens possessing game animals. The woman then became irate, refusing to hear the officer out and becoming “very upset,” according to the TPWD. The fawn was seized and taken to a licensed TPWD rehabilitator, and charges are pending for its former owner.

The upside? Those who witnessed the spotted spectacle were educated on the law surrounding this issue and warned against keeping game animals as pets. Perhaps this will keep similar cases from cropping up in the Lone Star State in the future.