An Edmond, Oklahoma, hunter may have broken a record that’s stood since 2004. Steven Everett took a monstrous whitetail in November’s rifle season that, while it won’t be officially scored until January, will likely best the current record by more than eight inches.

Everett has hunted the buck for three years, sometimes going whole seasons without seeing him. His quest to take the buck became something of an obsession, finally ending on November 18.

“It haunted me until we got him this year,” Everett told Oklahoma’s News 9. “Every day, I thought about it.”

Other hunters have photographs of the buck going back as far as 2008, at which point the buck was only—“only”—a ten-pointer. Jump forward nearly a decade and that buck had grown into a 28-point giant that Everett appropriately named “Goliath.” With 28 scorable points, a 7×7 mainframe, and a 26-inch inside spread, the buck is a fair-chase trophy for the ages.

Not only was the deer a trophy in the case of its antlers, but it was also a truly mature buck. Based on the photos and teeth measurements (he only had two left), Goliath was between 10 and 12 years old.

The rack reportedly weighed ten pounds, green-scoring a whopping 255 inches. The official scoring won’t take place until January, but the rack will most likely best the current record of 246 6/8 inches set by a non-typical buck taken November 23, 2004, by Michael Crossland.

Everett is understandably excited.

“I’m going to live this up,” Everett told News 9. “I may never get to do something like this again, so we’re going to tell the story and then I’ll tell my grandkids about it.”


Photo: George Luann Moore/Facebook