From the pages of Legends of the Hunt—Campfire Tales by John Seerey-Lester.


Many things go into the creation of a painting that depicts an historic event. I don’t use old photos, but instead have models pose for me, based on my thumbnail sketches and desired interpretation. I often have to find authentic artifacts, such as clothing, pots, tents and firearms from the era. Accuracy is uppermost in my mind when I sit at the easel.

In these images I have shown the progress of Breached, from sketch to completed oil painting.


Original sketch from my journal upon which the painting will be based.


The set-up outside the studio based on my idea.


One of many ideas sketched in charcoal.


I decided on this sketch after careful consideration.


Blocking in a single cot, hat, jacket, and table. The leopard and backpack are drawn in. 


Painting in the leopard’s head.


I have added mosquito netting, a rug, the lamplight and a trunk with a journal.


I decided to change the rug to a zebra skin.


Here I am examining the pattern of a zebra skin hanging in our home. 


Completed painting with warm glow. I added another cot and repositioned the dog.


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