This is the last in a three-part video series in which Remington, Leupold, KUIU, Proof Research, Barnes Bullets, and Manners Composite Stocks join forces to create the Ultimate Sheep Rifle, the embodiment of KUIU founder Jason Hairston’s vision of the perfect lightweight backcountry rifle.

Weighing 5.6 pounds, the Ultimate Sheep Rifle is built with a titanium action, carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel, and premium carbon-fiber stock. The original build is in 6.5 Creedmoor; however, Remington’s Custom Shop is offering it in other short-action calibers in the titanium action or any short-action magnum caliber if a stainless-steel action is used. For a limited time, the Remington Custom Shop will also offer this rifle with specialized consecutive serial numbers (KUIU00005 to KUIU00100).

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