Buck Knives is excited to announce a Cabela’s-exclusive 75th anniversary edition of the 119 Special, the knife that sets the standard by which all others are measured. Making its initial introduction in a two-man shop, the first 119 Specials were handmade by Hoyt and Al Buck.

Gaining fame during World War II, the original 119 Specials were designed for U.S. soldiers and crafted using surplus files and recycled airplane canopies. The 119 has come a long way since then, but the initial design has withstood the test of time.

For over 40 years now, Buck Knives and Cabela’s have been working together as retail partners. The 119 is available in a collector’s tin and is a tribute to Buck’s most popular sheath knife and a representation of Buck Knives’ long-standing relationship with Cabela’s, who is also celebrating a milestone 55th anniversary as the “World’s Foremost Outfitter.”

“It’s an honor to introduce the 75th edition 119 with Cabela’s,” said Bob George, vice president of sales and marketing for Buck Knives. “They have always been great retail partners to us, and they are passionate about making the best products available for outdoor enthusiasts.”

To purchase the knife and tin set, click here.


Be sure to visit the Sporting Classics Store and order one of our 35th anniversary Knife of the Year sets as well!

The “Sendero Classic” is priced at $425 and the “Pack Knife” at $250. You can purchase the pair for $650. (Photo: Ryan Coleman)