Joseph Sulkowski is a talented artist, one who can and does cover a wide range of subjects with impressive results. Acclaimed as one of America’s premier dog and sporting artists, he works in a style of poetic realism influenced by the Old Masters. He even goes so far as to crush glass and mix it with his paints, adding a special touch of light in each of his pieces.

Some of his most eye-catching canvases are those that portray the sporting South—woods and water, shotguns and fishing tackle, birds and dogs and horses and pine trees. A native of Pennsylvania, it’s a particularly strong testament to his skill level that he can not only paint the South and its outdoor opportunities, but that he can capture the “Southern-ness” of it all without having been born there.

Below are a few paintings that showcase his rare ability, each featured in the new book The Sporting Life. The latest title from Sporting Classics, it includes some 150 paintings by Joseph, each more breathtaking than the last. Be sure to pick up a copy now; better yet, pick up two—one for your coffee table and one for a friend’s. After all, Christmas is only 75 days away!

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