“The first time I traveled to Africa, I went to the magnificent Selous Reserve in Tanzania, where I hunted only for Cape buffalo. As an inveterate bird hunter, however, I did take notice of the sheer abundance of gamebirds. Since then, I have taken along a shotgun on every African trip. Whenever we took a break from hunting the big stuff, I’d limber up the shotgun and take a whack at the local bird population.”

— Bob Matthews


Bob Matthews, senior editor and shotguns columnist for Sporting Classics, is going back to Africa this year for more of the exceptional bird hunting he found there on his first trip to the continent. He’ll be hunting with Gordon Stark of Nhoro Safaris, gunning for gamebirds in South Africa. Gordon is setting up a traditional tent camp with all the amenities for Bob, with numerous opportunities for doves and pigeons—rivaling the best Argentina has to offer. Bob may even sneak in a kudu hunt while he’s there.

What makes this so exciting for readers isn’t the fact that Bob will be sending back dispatches from his adventure, allowing others to hunt with him vicariously through his written word, but that they can go with him and hunt in person.

Bob is extending an open invitation for a handful of hunters to join him in Africa this summer during the southern hemisphere’s winter. Tag along and three things are certain: you’ll have some of the most exciting wingshooting to be had anywhere in the world, you’ll get to experience a side of Africa you wouldn’t on a traditional big game safari, and you’ll laugh and learn more than you thought possible while in Bob’s company.

“If you thought you’d never see Africa, now’s your chance to get a taste without hocking your firstborn child,” Bob said. “If you just want a fantastic bird shoot, you won’t be disappointed. If you’d like to combine a few days of plains game hunting, that can be arranged. Even if your only goal is to go have a bunch of fun, call me. We’ll leave the light on for you.”


Those interested in joining Bob on this incredibly unique safari should call (706) 244-0523.