With almost 1.7 million copies in circulation worldwide, Blue Book Publications Inc. is soon to release the 37th Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad. This new edition contains significantly updated values and information reflecting integral changes in the gun industry.

Firearms and their values continue to evolve significantly in this turbulent chapter of America’s history, and this new 37th edition tracks both the currently manufactured guns in addition to all the older makes/models. The collectibility of major trademark discontinued double-action revolvers are enjoying an incredible resurgence in popularity, and values have risen dramatically for the past several years. Colt single actions are also making a nice comeback.

Other configurations aren’t as lucky — the previously red-hot AR-15 marketplace can now be described as “a race to the bottom” in terms of price points, with most of the sales occurring in the $500-$650 range, yet the demand for accessorizing AR-15s remains as strong as ever.

With 2016 being one of the most important presidential-election years ever, the developing politics will undoubtedly affect the supply-and-demand situation for those firearms configurations and accessories most at risk for potential anti-gun legislation.


Features of the new Blue Book of Gun Values:

  • The newest 2016 makes and models have been included, along with important pricing updates on many current, antique, and discontinued models.
  • Trends in firearms collectibility continue to change, and this newest 37th edition carefully follows these fast-changing areas of interest.
  • 2,512 pages, including nearly 1,500 manufacturers and trademarks, almost 20,000 gun-model descriptions, and more than 175,000 prices


Also available as an online subscription and on CD-ROM. Visit bluebookofgunvalues.com.