This new Blaser R8 is destined for great things. The folks at Blaser USA created this custom rifle for Tony Makris, host of Under Wild Skies and one of today’s most successful international hunters. Two of Makris’s trophy animals are depicted on the receiver, along with other custom touches sure to impress any hunter or shooter.

This one-of-a-kind R8 is chambered in .375 H&H Magnum and features a Selous-style color-case-hardened receiver. The stock is made of Grade 8 walnut, with its pistol grip capped by a R8 logo.

The R8’s custom engraving showcases two of Makris’s personal trophies, one on each side of the receiver: a massive Cape buffalo and a tall eland.

Want to build your own custom R8? Check out Blaser USA’s custom shop and get started today.


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