Blaser is introducing two new firearm designs, one rifle and one shotgun. Each is made to accommodate female shooters via properly fitting stock dimensions, and each is available in a number of popular versions.

The new R8 bolt-action rifle and F16 over-and-under shotgun both bear the “Intuition” name and come fitted with purpose-built stocks that take into account a woman’s proportions. The R8’s shortened Monte Carlo buttstock and pistol grip are designed to minimize recoil, allow for perfect mounting, and keep shooters on target better. The F16 provides the lowest-profile receiver in its class and forms the ideal basis for a sportswoman’s shotgun, whether in the field or on the range.

The Intuition rifle is available in all R8 models that feature a wooden stock. The F16 comes in two varieties: the F16 Game Intuition and F16 Sporting Intuition.


The Intuition rifle is available in all R8 models that feature a wooden stock.


The 12-gauge Sporting Intuition comes with a stock-balancer system and optional barrel balancer that allows the adjustment of weight distribution to suit the shooter’s personal needs. Thanks to a reduced pitch angle and slender pistol grip, the optimized Monte Carlo stock rests naturally in the shoulder and ensures positive trigger control.

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