Watch: Hunting the Bengal Tiger

Black-and-white footage of a bygone era.


In the newest issue of Sporting Classics, readers will learn the harrowing tale of Sgt. Phleger, a U.S. Marine killed in Vietnam, not by the enemy, but by a tiger. The tale is a grisly reminder that nature doesn’t pause during man’s disputes, and that a tiger can be a dangerous foe for even an armed soldier.

This black-and-white film from the 1950s is far more lighthearted than the saga of Sgt. Phleger. Shot in the typical style of that era, it is, shall we say, a bit unrealistic. The days of tiger hunting are long gone and will likely never return, but it’s interesting to revisit those days of long-gone Bengal and hear the tigers roar once again from a hunter’s perspective.


Cover photo: Dirk Freder/iStock



One thought on “Watch: Hunting the Bengal Tiger

  1. Bygone era indeed! By today’s standards, unrealistic. Too bad hunting as conservation was not widely accepted or widely practiced. EXCEPT for folk medicine poaching, big cats in India have little value and sport hunting is probably doomed forever. Maneaters are a different story. Perhaps the Indian government should consider offering hunts for known maneaterson a bid basis much like Namibia does for black rhino bulls that interfere with breeding programs. I’m sure their tiger conservation programs could use the funding.

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