Watch: Back Home on the Range

Grizzlies are returning to the open prairie as their populations increase.


A passage from the Lewis & Clark journals concerning the plains-dwelling grizzly bear:

“Set out at an early hour, the weather clear and Calm; I walked on shore this morning for the benifit of exersize which I much wanted, and also to examine the country and it’s productions, in these excurtions I most generally went alone armed with my rifle and espontoon; thus equiped I feel myself more than an equal match for a brown bear provided I get him in open woods or near the water, but feel myself a little diffident with respect to an attack in the open plains, I have therefore come to a resolution to act on the defencive only, should I meet these gentlemen in the open country.”

— Meriwether Lewis, May 12, 1805

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One thought on “Watch: Back Home on the Range

  1. Gutsy bunch with the L&C expedition. Anyone taking on a grizzly with a muzzle loaders of the day must have been a lot nuts or very brave…I would have wanted plenty of back-up.

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