Appleby’s Animals has been making fine jewelry since 1969, but it’s more than just the diamonds and colored gems it employs that makes the designs so special. Many of its pieces feature bone, ivory, claws, and hair from some of Africa’s and North America’s biggest big game species. Pick up an elephant-themed bracelet with real elephant hair worked in; order multi-print claw pendants with real lynx claws affixed; even find elk-themed pendants with real elk ivory featured.

Some pieces of special interest:

Leopard Hoops – $1,950


Diamonds Tanzanite & Bones – $6,250


Leopard Tourmaline Diamond Pendant – $9,800


The featured image showcases the diamond leopard-print earrings with real lynx claws, $7,250.

All of Appleby’s handcrafted designs feature 18-karat yellow gold. The diamonds used are categorized VVS and are perfectly cut.

Appleby’s is still offering FedEx deliveries in time for Christmas, making its jewelry the perfect last-minute gift idea. Order before noon on December 19 to ensure your purchases arrive by the big day.

Visit the newly redesigned Appleby’s Animals website or call (808) 874-6245 for more information.