The Sporting Classics editors and staff are pleased to announce the Guns & Hunting 2015 issue, which focuses on the greatest firearms, their owners, and the hunts they made possible. 

We’ll excerpt features from the issue over the next few weeks here on, but to read the pieces in full, be sure to pick up the issue when it hits newsstands October 6, or subscribe to Sporting Classics for the year.  

Check out the new cover below and click here to read an article on double guns by Robert Pinckney in the upcoming issue.


Features in Guns & Hunting 2015:


“A Man in Full” By Roger Pinckney
First of a two-part series on Theodore Roosevelt.


“My Greatest Shot”
Six shooters relive their most memorable shots.


“The Wonderful Fool” By Roderick Lull
Neither man nor dog was the sort who ever gives up.


“Ruark on Safari” By Alan Ritchie
Robert Ruark and his longtime secretary share their impressions of the African dream.


“Escape from a Hell-Hole” By Jim Carmichel
Getting his trophy out of the icy wilderness would become a perilous struggle.


“Hunting for Art” By Ron Spomer
Laurel Barbieri’s connection to primitive artists is more than inspiration: It’s all about the hunt.


“Aldo Leopold’s Fox” By Tom Davis
The story behind his made-to-order Fox gun.


“Nine Days in November” By Travis Dewitz

Deer season is a special time in rural Wisconsin.


“Rhythm of the Bongo” By Chris Dorsey
Cameroon adds to the mystique of chasing bongo.


“Bucks by the Score” By Jameson Parker 
Big bucks in the land of the Comanche.


“The Virtuous 12 Bore” by Richard S. Grozik
Lifetimes of service are built into each 12-bore English game gun.


Columns by Mike Gaddis, Robert Matthews, Ron Spomer, Michael Altizer, Roger Pinckney, John Seerey-Lester, Dwight Van Brunt, Chuck Wechsler, John Ross, Tom Davis, Jim Casada, Chris Dorsey, and Robert Parvin Williams.



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