Sporting Classics is happy to announce its January/February 2015 issue, which focuses on early-spring sporting pursuits alongside the magazine’s regular lineup of stirring columns and photography. We’ll excerpt stories from the issue over the next several weeks, but be sure to subscribe to read the pieces in full. The issue hits newsstands December 26. See a list of its features and the new cover below.

Features in the issue:

“A Call for Africa” by Todd Wilkinson
Three gifted artists are creating a spectacular tribute to wild Africa.

“Rust and Redemption” by Daniel Isermann
It was a reunion of sorts, filled with the strident calls of big Canada geese.

“The Power of Remembering” by Dwight Van Brunt
Comes a time when remembering is about all that a man can do.

 “The Goat and the Miner” by Ted Schnack Jr.
High among the steep and desolate peaks, there’s no good place to shoot a billy.

“The Elephant on the Mountain” by Robert Matthews
Only eight short steps separated the angry rogue from his pursuers.

“Paradise Lost” by Rick Leonardi
Like so many good things in life, it had come to an end . . . But what an ending. 

“The Lady in Reds” by Carly Altizer
For years she wavered between studying fish and catching them, until the fish finally resolved the conflict.

“Where the Buffalo Roam” by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
His very first encounter with an Aussie buffalo convinced him to expect nothing but tense moments.

“The Dilemma” by Dr. T.C. Jennings
His shot would make all the difference for the rest of his life.

As well as columns and writing by Susan L. Ebert, Roger Pinckney, Mike Gaddis, Michael Altizer, Dwight Van Brunt, Ron Spomer, Robert Matthews, Todd Wilkinson, Doug Painter, Jim Casada, Jameson Parker, Orlo Dietrich, Todd Tanner, Chris Dorsey, Tom Davis, and Kirstie Pike. Cover image by Jaco van Schalkwyk.


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