Watch: Amish Anglers at the Put-In

Two Amish fishermen back their boat into the water, true to their style, with horses and a buggy.


If you didn’t have the modern convenience of a motorized vehicle to get you and your boat to the dock each morning, would you be as likely to go fishing?

These Amish anglers are. In this video posted by Ron Browning, the anglers put their boat in with the tools they had at hand: two horses and a buggy. What makes their story even more attention-grabbing is that the two men lived near the videographer — 20 miles! They reportedly had to leave their farm at 4 a.m. to travel the 20 miles to this dock, arriving at 8 a.m.

Incredible dedication, and a truly classic way of taking to the water!




4 thoughts on “Watch: Amish Anglers at the Put-In

  1. While it’s a cute video, I have to wonder. The Amish don’t use motors hence the horse drawn wagon. They have no modern conveniences in their homes. I find it strange that devout Amish would allow for a motor on the boat…

  2. Pryor Ok the Amish drive J D tractors to walmart, but wont own a car or PU. In Mazi OK they have the old fashond telaphone booth out at the road in front of their home with no elec. but have elec milking machines in the milk barn; go figure?

  3. As the law stipulates that they can only sell milk that has been milked by machine, they use milking machines that may be powered by a generator. And Mennonites are a bit looser regarding telephones….which they may access by phone box but not have in the home.

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