Many hunters have found the popular Aimpoint Micro, both the H-1 and H-2, to be perfect for a wide variety of hunting scenarios. Now, thanks to a new mounting option, turkey hunters have a way to make a great product even better.

The new Rib-Rider shotgun mount lets turkey hunters mount their Micro H-1 or H-2 directly on the rib of their shotgun. This allows for the lowest and lightest mount possible, and fits to any shotgun without the need for drilling and tapping the receiver for a traditional mounting platform.

It also works perfectly for deer hunters using shotguns. Pair your Aimpoint red dot with your chosen brand of slugs and watch with both eyes open as the deer begin to drop this season.

The Rib-Rider comes free with the purchase of any new Micro H-1 or H-2. For more information and to get your own, visit http://bit.ly/microshotgun today!


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