Over his 35-year career, Arkansas knifemaker Jerry Fisk has elevated man’s most basic tool to new heights—and earned countless accolades doing it. Fisk made his first knife in 1982, and since then he has built hundreds more, from the simplest hunters to the most ornate, engraved, gold-filled Bowies and fighters you can imagine. Today Fisk’s knives can be found in museums, the finest personal collections, and many a hunting pack.

Fisk was awarded his Journeyman’s rating in 1987 and received his Mastersmith stamp in 1989. Named a National Living Treasure by the University of North Carolina, recipient of the Arkansas Governors Award for Traditional Arts, inducted into the American Blade Smiths Society Hall of Fame—his list of prestigious honors goes on and on.

Not only is he one of America’s premier bladesmiths, Fisk is a tireless advocate for knifemakers and collectors alike. He is generous with his time and skills, having taught 53 of the current 130 ABS Mastersmiths. The industry owes much to gifted men like Jerry Fisk.

While interviewing Jerry for this article, I asked, “How could you possibly meet the demand for your knives?” His response: “I can’t! That’s why I chose White River Knife and Tool to partner with. They have the talent and work ethic I was looking for . . . my design, their workmanship. A winning collaboration.”

White River Knife and Tool was founded in 2011 by native Michigander John Cammenga. With a background in machining and a passion for fine cutlery, Cammenga saw the knife business as a natural fit. Joined by his wife, Susan, and sons, John Jr. and Matt, this small cutlery shop in Coopersville, Michigan, has set a new high-water mark in the industry. They offer a good selection of standard patterns, and their Custom Shop, though very selective, can build anything you design.

As further testimony to the quality of their knives, they have received awards from Gray’s Sporting Journal and Field & Stream.

The Cammengas determined from the outset to use only the best materials for their knives, all sourced in the good ol’ USA. Their designs are practical, and their workmanship is flawless. They take well-deserved pride in producing some of the finest cutlery on the market today. Each knife is backed by a lifetime guarantee—and by the word of a family that embodies the American spirit of craftsmanship and integrity.

For our 35th anniversary Sporting Classics’ Knives of the Year, we chose a fine pair designed by Fisk and crafted in the Custom Shop of White River Knife and Tool.

As the name suggests, the “Sendero Classic” is indeed a classic. This distinctively designed Southwest hunter has become Fisk’s signature model and bestseller. Our Sendero Classic features a 4½-inch, flat-ground, stone-washed blade of CPM S30V, one of the industry’s toughest steels. The blade curves gently from tip to hilt, the sculpted guard is stainless, and the presentation desert-ironwood scales are mortised around the tang and held in place by mosaic pins. Meticulously inlaid in each handle is a shield that announces our 35th anniversary.

Overall length is 9¼ inches.

Our second knife, also a Jerry Fisk design, is White River’s “Sendero Pack Knife.” Measuring just under 7½ inches overall with a 3¼-inch, flat-ground, stone-washed blade of the same CPM S30V, this skinner is aptly named.

White River says: “This excellent, lightweight field knife can handle your game processing and much more without weighing down your pack.”

Handled in beautiful desert ironwood and featuring out 35th anniversary shield, this handy little knife is sure to become your go-to knife.

Each of our 35th anniversary knives is precision-ground, hand-finished, and leather-honed to a razor edge, and is accompanied by a finely stitched, fitted leather sheath.

The “Sendero Classic” is priced at $425 and the “Pack Knife” at $250. You can purchase the pair for $650. Order now; the limited run is going fast!

We are sure you will agree that our 35th anniversary knife set will go down as one of our best offerings—one for your collection, one for your pack.

To order, call (800) 849-1004 or click here.


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