First published in 1890 by an imprint of Forest and Stream, which Field & Stream would later acquire, With Fly-Rod in Camera is a mesmerizing look at angling during the twilight of the 19th century. While the book’s author, Edward A. Samuels, has largely fallen from memory, his photographs enshrine his experiences pursuing fish across North America.

He writes in the preface:

In the preparation of this book I have made no effort to write a technical work, but have aimed rather to produce a volume that would, by the descriptions given of the haunts and habits of a few of our gamefish, and of the incidents and methods of their capture, not only entertain and please my brother anglers, but instill in the minds of those who have not yet acquired the gentle art, a desire to taste the pure and healthful pleasures that it affords. 

We’ve featured 16 of Samuels’ greatest photographs. 



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